• Kara Moore, Ph.D.


    Assistant Professor of Psychology (Experimental)

    Oklahoma State University


    My primary research interest is the fallibility of attention and the malleability of human memory - the cognitive processes that cause memories to change over time. My research focuses on theoretical issues in cognitive psychology and the application of memory in the legal system. With regards to application, I aim to understand how to improve human memory in order to make the legal system function more efficiently. Two major lines of research are being pursued: (1) children's and adults' use of metacognitive strategies to prevent inaccurate and false memories and (2) the role of memory and attention in the search for missing and wanted persons.



    Ph.D., Experimental Psychology, 2017, The University of Arkansas

    M.A., Experimental Psychology, 2014, The University of Arkansas

    B.A., Psychology, 2012, The University of Texas at Arlington