If you are interested in becoming a member of the lab or participating in our research, please contact Dr. Kara Moore at kara.moore@okstate.edu

    Prospective Graduate Students

    Earn a Ph.D. in Experimental Cognitive Psychology!

     Prospective students are encouraged to contact Dr. Moore to indicate their intent to apply. Dr. Moore will provide copies of recent publications, information about where the lab's research is going, and can share her lab manuals.

    We especially encourage students from underrepresented or marginalized groups to apply! People who identify as women, people of color, and/or persons from less socially privileged backgrounds are less likely to apply for positions unless they meet all qualifications. I would encourage you to apply even if you do not meet every qualification listed for graduate admission. If you are unsure, please feel free to contact me to discuss your application.

    Applicants who are great fits for the lab are interested in spending a lot of their working hours for 5+ years focusing on researching the topics that we study in the lab. I'm most interested in recruiting a motivated, passionate, hard-working student. Beyond this, it is a bonus if students already have research experience in psychology, research methods skills, statistical analysis skills, computing skills (e.g., basic computing, database software, coding/programming), methodological skills (e.g., basic research, eye tracking, EEG, etc.), writing skills, and/or speaking skills. Please see the FAQ document I wrote for prospective students for more information.

    If you would like to apply but anticipate logistical barriers (e.g., cost, travel, requirements) please contact Dr. Moore to discuss. Applications are due on December 1st annually.  Follow the link below to learn about applying to the Psychology Ph.D. program at Oklahoma State University. Applicants should complete the OSU Graduate College Application.

    Prospective Undergraduate Students

    Gain valuable research experience for your resume!

    Our lab accepts undergraduate students as research assistants so that they may gain hands-on research experience for course credit (or on a volunteer basis after one credit-seeking term in the lab).

    Undergraduate research assistants (RAs) are an integral part of the CALM lab. RAs learn more about attention and memory in the legal system and help conduct research that is disseminated worldwide to other scientists, policy makers, and the legal system. RAs often have the opportunity to be involved in the lab in an advanced way (e.g., professional presentations, data analysis, independent project, etc.).

    Working in the CALM lab is great for building your resume to be more competitive for jobs, for graduate school, law school, or medical school.
    Who should apply?
    Students who are extremely interested in spending at least a few hours a week working on the topics that we study. We especially encourage students from underrepresented or marginalized groups to apply! We prefer applicants who have a 3.0 GPA or higher and who have some exposure to psychological research through their classes (i.e.., psychology classes). We value all of the following: coursework in Psychology (especially Cognitive or Legal Psychology) or related fields (e.g., Sociology, Criminology, etc.), coursework or experience in research methods &/or statistics, coding skills, computer programming skills, writing skills, and speaking skills. That being said, no advanced skills or knowledge is necessary. You'll get hands-on training for all the things you'll do in the lab. It's rare for an applicant to have one or more of these valued qualities.
    Students must commit to being an RA in the lab for at least two semesters due to the intensive training involved in being an RA. In addition, students must be able to attend weekly lab meetings.
    Lab hours are scheduled around your obligations. RAs typically work 6-9 hours a week in the lab. We are as flexible and inclusive as possible to allow anyone who is interested in participate in the lab, so don't hesitate to reach out if you're interested but need accommodations to be involved!
    If you'd like to join the lab, fill out the application below and email it to Dr. Kara Moore. Dr. Moore typically interviews RAs in October-November for the Spring semester and March-April for the Fall semester, but she accepts applications at any time.


    Contribute to scientific discovery by participating in our studies!

    Currently all projects being conducted by the CALM lab are recruiting undergraduate students as participants. If you are interested in being notified of future opportunities to participate in research please email Dr. Kara Moore.

    Collaborate with the CALM lab!

    We are open to collaborations with researchers, lawyers, police officers, and other professionals. If you are interested in collaborating contact PI Kara Moore.

    We are particularly interested in issues related to missing persons, wanted persons, false memories, meta-cognition, memory in education, and memory and health.